UI overhaul is almost done

Started by Ravenis, touko 04, 2019, 12:09 pm

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I've been working on with the crappy and glitchy UI now for couple of days.

You can now adjust most of the UI windows's size and position on the screen.
It will also save those new settings. This makes actual playing so much more enjoyable.

Here is one screen. i have adjusted every window position and size on that.

-Ravenis, Hadelmia Developer


How it looks on 3440x1440 resolution.


This is now default windows setting for the client, if you want to reset positions and sizes, delete all cfg files and leave windows.cfg.default file in cfg folder.
-Ravenis, Hadelmia Developer


One more addition.
I made option to reset all positions to default easily.

Reset all options to default can be found on options menu

-Ravenis, Hadelmia Developer