0.4 Alpha RC1 Changelog

Started by Ravenis, May 04, 2019, 12:16 pm

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May 04, 2019, 12:16 pm Last Edit: May 07, 2019, 01:37 pm by Ravenis
Version 0.4 RC1.44
-Fixed access violation on skillbook learning.
-Fixed character creation bug where it didnt upadate the account table and character amount.

Version 0.4 RC1.43
-Fixed default game windows's settings.
-Fixed crash and mess when player dropped an item.

Version 0.4 RC1.42
-Main and inventory window are now also resizeable and movable.

Version 0.4 RC1.41
-Game now saves windows's position and size.
-Fixed lot of UI problems again.

Version 0.4 RC1.4
-Fixed game screen refreshing while in menu.
-Fixed "speedboost" problem when switching antialias on and off.
-Added few different kind of CC's for monsters.
-Added info indicators for CC's.
-Fixed login screen mess when typing wrong password.
-Some UI tweaks and changes.

Version 0.4 RC1.3
-Fixed coordinate offset problem on moving system (added more realible check).
-Fixed server hang up bug when using public chat.
-Fixed server bug when it stopped accepting new connections after some time on idle state.
-Fixed perk and skill hints.
-Some tweaks to login time, it still takes about 30 seconds for some poeple to log in (wonder why?).
-Several minor tweaks and fixes on server side.

Version 0.4 RC1.2
-Windows flickering and overlapping fixes.
-Teleport system overhaul.
-Some checks to prevent incorrect player coordinates.
-Options savefile.
-Map loading optimization.

Version 0.4 RC1.1
-Launcher now remembers the last username.
-Better LOS in a forest.
-UI Fixes.
-Login server crash fixes.
-Fixed chat focusing problems.
-Fixed case when other players were visible out of LOS.
-Trade session redone.
-Unlogging related issues fixed.

Version 0.4 RC1
-First 0.4 Release candidate version.
-Some moving sounds for monsters and other players.
-Ravenis, Hadelmia Developer